Sunday Market Wonder

For the first time in weeks, we finally had a sunny day last Sunday. It’s amazing how the blue sky and the extra light can make me feel so motivated and energetic!! We had to make the most of it, so we decided to go to Spitafields and Brick Lane markets for a wonder.


We had a wonderful time exploring all the little markets we found on our way. This one had lovely vintage treats.




The Backyard Market was a fabulous discovery!! Dresses, t-shirts, crafty goods and food…









I would’ve bought ALL these t-shirts… they’re so cute!



We had a great time but it got to a point when I was starving!! And I can get really grumpy when I’m hungry… so we decided to stop for a full English breakfast. I know it’s not very healthy, but I love it!


A market wonder isn’t a real market wonder if you don’t fall for something cute. Here are the treasures we found…


A beautiful scarf from The Curious Yak. I absolutely LOVE the colours and it’s sooooooo warm 🙂



A lovely key holder box. It was on sale and I’ve always wanted to have one!!


A gorgeous owl t-shirt… I didn’t know I had something for owls until I realised I loved all the owl t-shirts I found!

♥      ♥      ♥      ♥      ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥      ♥ 

We should definitely do this more often! We usually go the Notting Hill or Camden, but we will do a bit of research to find other lovely craft markets in London.

Which are your favourite markets? Any good recommendations?

♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣

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