A little lamb for Cloe

Hope you’re all having a great sunny weekend! After spending Saturday at The Knitting and Stitching Show and doing a bit of much needed Spring cleaning in my studio I realised I have lots of pics and updates I still need to share with you!! I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed on what’s been going on in these last weeks (including a trip to Madrid with crafts shopping involved!).

But first things first… in case you were wondering what happened with the little lamb amigurumi I started working on some weeks ago… here’s how we got on together 🙂


This is the pic I shared on Instagram

After enjoying making my first amigurumi, I decided to embark on a new mission… making a beautiful and cosy little lamb for my lovely «niece» Cloe. I was inspired by the project on last month’s Crafty Magazine (worth having a look at!).


I must admit counting stitches is not my  cup of tea but I’m really pleased with the results. As you can see I don’t have stitch markers (yet!) so a bright coloured piece of yarn did the trick.

Crochet Lamb Amigurumi http://www.acraftyginger.com

I spent quite a few afternoons working on this project and my other half suffered in silence as I made it very clear that I shouldn’t be interrupted (I definitely didn’t want to lose count of my stitches!). He was really patient and even volunteered to go safety eyes shopping.

Crochet Lamb Amigurumi http://www.acraftyginger.com

I hoped to have it finished before I travelled to Madrid but I only had time to finish all the parts and stuff them… the sewing together took place there. So Cloe’s little lamb is half English half Spanish (not a bad mix!).

Crochet Lamb Amigurumi http://www.acraftyginger.com

Little lamb sitting down…

Crochet Lamb Amigurumi http://www.acraftyginger.com

…laying down…

Crochet Lamb Amigurumi http://www.acraftyginger.com

…and even facing backwards. Love the little tail!

I couldn’t help myself and made a girly poncho for her too! She is such a beautiful little girl… just thinking of her makes me smile 🙂

Crochet Baby Poncho http://www.acraftyginger.com


Have you been working on any projects for your little ones? Or big ones?

Hope you enjoy what’s left of the weekend and wish you a wonderful week ahead!

♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣

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8 comentarios en “A little lamb for Cloe

  1. creative pixie dijo:

    Such a cute little lamby, I bought the magazine so I could make her but I haven’t got round to it yet. Your poncho looks great too, you should post the pattern for it. Jean

  2. irenukii dijo:

    Qué bonito 🙂 Vengo tras ver el VAPE de hoy de tu hermano JP, donde te ha hecho un poquito de spam. Te he seguido con varias cuentas de Twitter, para no perderme nada de lo que saques de ahora en adelante 🙂 ¡Un abrazo y un placer!

  3. Guada dijo:

    Felicidades! Happy birthday! Lo digo con dos días de retraso pero la intencion es lo que cuenta no? Tu hermano JP nos ha enseñado en VAPE lo que haces y me encanta! Estoy deseando tener tiempo para poder hacer la ovejita y muchas cosas mas que hay en tu blog. Un beso 🙂

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