My to-do list


This week I’ve been glued to my laptop and iPad going through loads of wonderful blogs, so I haven’t done as much crochet as I would’ve loved. It’s as if I needed to absorb as many crafty and amazing things as possible… I’ve been hungry for beautiful things! I’ve been downloading patterns and exciting posts, pinning lovely pics on my Pinterest… I guess it really depends on my mood… sometimes I need to make, to create things and others I’m all about absorbing like a sponge.

What I realised is that every time I do this and decide to save all these lovely ideas for later, they end up forgotten in a folder or my bookmarks. There is so much I want to do and so little time that I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.


So last night, as I was working on my new wavy stripe blanket, I thought it was a real shame to «waste» all that valuable time if nothing good came out of it. If I enjoy scanning the web for ideas ( and I certainly don’t want to give that up!)… what could I do to make the most out of it?

And that’s when I thought about you 🙂 If I enjoy sharing my projects with you, why not share what inspires me as well? This could actually be a new blog section, right?

So from now on I will share these ideas with you and hopefully we will enjoy them together and actually get things done. Does that sound like a plan? 🙂

Let’s get started!

Teddy Bear Granny Square Blanket (Dada’s Place)

Dadas place tutorial 1

Being a huge crochet-blanket fan myself I must start with this beautiful teddy bear granny square tutorial from Dada’s place. It’s to die for!!! And the colours are absolutely gorgeous!

Spring Bunnies (All About Ami)

all about ami spring bunnies

I have to find some time to make these cuties from All About Ami. They’re adorable, aren’t they?

Apple Cosy (Little Abbee)

apple cozy

I don’t really eat that many apples but with this apple cosy I might give them another go 🙂

Crochet Owl Baby Ring Toy (Repeat Crafter Me)


I really have a thing with owls and this one is lovely! I would probably try making a key ring rather than a toy but it’s a great gift idea too!

Flower Brooch (Little Doolally)

flower brooch

I just realised I have the right yarn for this project… might jump to the top of my to-do list 🙂


And this is it for now (I could go on and on for ever!). Hope you like these projects and you give them a go. Do let me know if you like this new section and send me your pics if you decide to make any of them. You can also share them with me on Instagram using the hashtag #acraftyginger.

And many thanks to all the talented bloggers mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing your brilliant tutorials  🙂


♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣

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