Craft Market: Mercado de Motores (Madrid – Spain)

I’ve been wanting to tell you about the amazing craft market Mercado de Motores for quite a while now, but I made so many pics that I dreaded the idea of having to go through all of them to choose my favourite ones. As you know, Madrid is my hometown (although I live in London) and in my last visit I was really impressed by the quality of crafty shops and markets. If you didn’t have a chance to read about my favourite craft shops in Madrid now is a great time to do so 🙂

What I love about the Mercado de Motores craft market is both the location and the wide variety of things to can find there. Lots of inspiration under the same roof! The market takes place on the second weekend of each month at the Madrid Railway Museum (Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid). Located in the former station «Delicias» (Paseo de las Delicias,61), it is one of the finest and most representative examples of Spanish industrial architecture.

Mercado de Motores

It’s a wonderful place where you can enjoy both the old trains and the platforms full of vintage furniture, retro toys, handmade items and fabrics. We arrived around midday and my friends almost had to drag me out of there…


It was a lovely Spring day so we made the most of it having lunch at the back of the station and enjoying the colourful and lively atmosphere.

Do you want to have a look around with me? Here are some of my favourite stalls and finds:


Mercado de Motores

Wonderful signpost at the entrance to avoid getting lost… fabrics, furniture, ideas, dreams, colours…


La Tapiceria Mercado de Motores

La Tapicería – This is one of the first things I bumped into… love the colours!


How Nice Project Mercado de Motores

How Nice Project – Beautiful handmade stamps


Mercado de Motores

Mon Petit Retro – Retro toys


Tipi Too Mercado de Motores

Tipi Too – I want to squeeze them all 🙂



Infantado Floristas Mercado de Motores

Infantado Floristas – I wanted to take all of these back with me for my studio…




Mandra Design Mercado de Motores

Mandra Design – Lovely pastel colours



La Retalera Mercado de Motores

La Retalera – Beautiful fabrics in vibrant colours



Flores en el Columpio Mercado de Motores

Flores en el Columpio – So cute!


Calma Chechu Mercado de Motores

Calma Chechu – Love those crochet blankets!!


Mercado de Motores

Hope you enjoyed the ride! I definitely had a great time at Mercado de Motores and will try to go back when I’m next in Madrid!

Have you been to any craft markets recently? Would love to hear all about it!

Have a lovely weekend!

xx Rebeca

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