I had such a great time at Blogtacular that I needed over a week to recover from it and gather my thoughts! After the event adrenaline rush I felt so exhausted and yet inspired and creative at the same time!

So what was it all about? Hmm… in a nutshell: like minded bloggers at a lovely location (the Royal Institution of Great Britain) sharing ideas and learning from amazing and inspirational bloggers/speakers. It was incredible to actually feel like I could talk about blogging and crafts with other «freaks» like me who didn’t stare back in horror at my geekiness 🙂

Joy Cho #blogtacular #acraftyginger

Blogtacular Keynote Address by Joy Cho*

I must admit my favourite keynote speakers were Joy Cho and Natalie Lue. What they shared resonated with me and made me feel empowered to pursue my dreams. It’s not about waiting for the right time to come or trying to please everyone. Not at all! It’s about grasping every opportunity with both hands and learning to do it your way, without comparing yourself to others, embracing your achievements.

Natalie Lue #blogtacular #acraftyginger

Blogtacular Closing Keynote, Natalie Lue*

There were some other great speakers like Anne Ditmeyer, Tilly Walnes (love her book «Love at First Stitch») and Ellie Tennant (loved her Styling workshop!). You can find more info about all Blogtacular speakers here.

#Blogtacular #EllieTennant #styling #acraftyginger

Had a great time at Ellie Tennant’s Styling workshop

Plus I also had the opportunity to meet wonderful bloggers such as Sarah~Lou Judith, Brigitte, Geraldine, Joanne and Bea.

So for all of this and much more I want to thank the great minds behind Blogtacular: Kat Goldin and Kat Molesworth. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea and making the dream come true!

#blogtacular #acraftyginger #bloggers

Blogtacular whole conference shot!*

Good news is that you don’t need to wait until the next Blogtacular to experience all of this. You can now buy virtual tickets to enjoy videos of these talks and sign up to their newsletter to be up to speed on upcoming events & updates. And if this wasn’t enough, they will give out goody bags (until they run out of them) to those of you joining the virtual conference.

#Blogtacular #goodybag #acraftyginger

Amazing #Blogtacular goody bag!


#crochet #badge #acraftyginger #blogtacular

These are the business cards I made for the event plus a crochet badge 🙂


That’s all for now – I will be posting my favourite #Blogtacular quotes soon…

Wish you a lovely week 🙂

xx Rebeca

PS – *all original images shot by Will Ireland for MollieMakes


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