A Crafty Ginger at Backyard Market (Brick Lane)

Hi crafters! How are you all doing? The last few weeks have been so incredibly busy (and fun)!! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my latest pics as a crafts trader… at Backyard Market. I’m sooooo excited!

This new adventure started in the most ramdom way possible. A  friend from work, Kiri, introduced me to Elena, a wonderful and creative soul, who she met at a mutual friend’s wedding. And things clicked! When I met her she was already trading at various markets to do some product “research” (and have some fun!). She suggested I should join her and give it a go myself and I just couldn’t resist the idea 🙂

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I had such a great time at Blogtacular that I needed over a week to recover from it and gather my thoughts! After the event adrenaline rush I felt so exhausted and yet inspired and creative at the same time!

So what was it all about? Hmm… in a nutshell: like minded bloggers at a lovely location (the Royal Institution of Great Britain) sharing ideas and learning from amazing and inspirational bloggers/speakers. It was incredible to actually feel like I could talk about blogging and crafts with other “freaks” like me who didn’t stare back in horror at my geekiness 🙂 Continue reading

A much needed catch-up

Hi crafters! How are you doing? Hope you had a great weekend!  I’ve gone quiet for a bit so I wanted to let you know what had been going on behind the scenes. I can’t believe it’s almost mid May already! Time really flies 🙂

I took some days off to go back to Spain and visit my friends and family in April. After all, it was my birthday and I felt I wanted to spend it with them. Sometimes it’s good to stop and go back to basics. Isn’t it? Simply enjoying a good chat with a friend or sitting around the table with your family. Is something that I didn’t quite appreciate when I lived in Madrid, I just gave it for granted. But now that I live abroad I’ve come to really value spending time with them.

So what have I been up to in Spain? Well, I must admit there’s been too much eating and nibbling going on! LOL! And lots of reading, going for walks in the countryside, crocheting by the fireplace as well catching up with friends and family. Continue reading

Too many WIPs?

I’ve suddenly realised I have more WIPs (works in progress) than I thought! It all happened when I was tidying up at home. Every time I found a WIP I would carefully take it to my studio and put it on my coffee table to sort out later. I was really shocked when I found myself making too many trips to my crafty corner.

I know this has nothing to do with lack of commitment from my part or with projects being too complicated. I just love to start making new things and switching from one to another depending on my mood or where I will be doing my crocheting. For example, when I’m watching TV I usually prefer to work on my blankets (plus they keep me warm!). Sometimes I just see something on Instagram/Pinterest/blogs and I can’t stop myself from giving it a go. And I always try to take some crochet with me when I take the tube to and back from work – smaller projects such as scarfs and hats are perfect as “Tube WIPs”. Continue reading

Crafts Shopping in Madrid

When I went to Madrid this month I had something in mind… I wanted to organise a crafty shopping day! Madrid is my hometown but I have to admit the crafts bug really bit me when I moved to London three years ago, so I didn’t really know there was so much going on in my city 🙂

After asking friends and reading a few blogs I put together a list and pitched the idea to both David and my friend Nerea (who brought her beautiful Cloe along). The idea of spending a sunny day in Madrid discovering new crafty corners and enjoying some “tapas” turned out to be even better than I expected. We had a lovely time 🙂 Continue reading