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A Crafty Ginger at Backyard Market (Brick Lane)

Hi crafters! How are you all doing? The last few weeks have been so incredibly busy (and fun)!! If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen my latest pics as a crafts trader... at Backyard Market. I'm sooooo excited! This new adventure started in the most ramdom way possible. A  friend from work, Kiri, … Sigue leyendo A Crafty Ginger at Backyard Market (Brick Lane)

DIY: Customise Glass Jars

I guess it's confession time again... Hi, I'm Rebeca and I never throw glass jars or tins away ... they are hidden in a box in one of my kitchen cupboards. I know it might sound odd, but I feel they have endless possibilities and I don't want to risk coming up with a great to-do idea and not … Sigue leyendo DIY: Customise Glass Jars