Tutorial – Crochet Candle Holder

I made this crochet candle holder a while back and even took pictures along the way. But I never got round to sharing it. This is the sort of quick and easy project that I love to embark on when  I need a rush of positive energy. It is so rewarding to create something cute … Sigue leyendo Tutorial – Crochet Candle Holder


A crochet granny blanket for my mum

When my parents came over to visit last July, my mum loved my granny blanket. So I suggested making one for her. We went together to the yarn shop and she struggled a bit trying to pick the colours she wanted... there were too many options! But we finally came back home with different shades … Sigue leyendo A crochet granny blanket for my mum

My first granny square blanket

The truth is that I've always wanted to make a blanket. The idea of creating something my grandchildren could inherit some day might seem a bit silly, but I guess I've probably watched too many romantic movies. I got carried away making granny squares and I now have over 100. Although you can only see … Sigue leyendo My first granny square blanket


Crochet Christmas presents (2012)

Last Christmas I decided that I would make crochet presents for my family. I guess that since I live abroad I pay more attention to small details and try to enjoy time with them back in Spain as much as I can. Making something special and unique for each of them felt like giving them … Sigue leyendo Crochet Christmas presents (2012)