Too many WIPs?

I’ve suddenly realised I have more WIPs (works in progress) than I thought! It all happened when I was tidying up at home. Every time I found a WIP I would carefully take it to my studio and put it on my coffee table to sort out later. I was really shocked when I found myself making too many trips to my crafty corner.

I know this has nothing to do with lack of commitment from my part or with projects being too complicated. I just love to start making new things and switching from one to another depending on my mood or where I will be doing my crocheting. For example, when I’m watching TV I usually prefer to work on my blankets (plus they keep me warm!). Sometimes I just see something on Instagram/Pinterest/blogs and I can’t stop myself from giving it a go. And I always try to take some crochet with me when I take the tube to and back from work – smaller projects such as scarfs and hats are perfect as “Tube WIPs”. Continue reading


My first crochet hat

Since I started crocheting I’ve wanted to make a nice and colourful hat.  However, I never got round to doing it for I was always busy with something else. I guess it is easier to stay in your comfort zone, where you know you’ll be able to create something gorgeous without too much hassle.

My first attempt ended up being a basket… I guess I tried too hard and put in too much tension. Or maybe the pattern wasn’t the right one for me… 🙂 Continue reading