Too many WIPs?

I’ve suddenly realised I have more WIPs (works in progress) than I thought! It all happened when I was tidying up at home. Every time I found a WIP I would carefully take it to my studio and put it on my coffee table to sort out later. I was really shocked when I found myself making too many trips to my crafty corner.

I know this has nothing to do with lack of commitment from my part or with projects being too complicated. I just love to start making new things and switching from one to another depending on my mood or where I will be doing my crocheting. For example, when I’m watching TV I usually prefer to work on my blankets (plus they keep me warm!). Sometimes I just see something on Instagram/Pinterest/blogs and I can’t stop myself from giving it a go. And I always try to take some crochet with me when I take the tube to and back from work – smaller projects such as scarfs and hats are perfect as “Tube WIPs”. Continue reading


My Crochet Projects 2012

Today is one of those days when I feel the urge to organise things. As the house was already pretty tidy, I approached the dreaded task of organising the photos I’ve been uploading to my mac during the last months. It was then when I had the idea of creating a folder for all my crafty work (as I usually take the pics on my iPhone and they end up forgotten somewhere in the iPhone backup folder). So I now have all my work (well, most of it – I keep forgetting to take pics of EVERYTHING!) in one place.

I couldn’t help smiling as I went through the pics I took back in 2012 when I was rediscovering crochet… And my boyfriend though this would be a passing thing… he gave me one month max! LOL! Continue reading

Crochet Christmas presents (2012)

Last Christmas I decided that I would make crochet presents for my family. I guess that since I live abroad I pay more attention to small details and try to enjoy time with them back in Spain as much as I can. Making something special and unique for each of them felt like giving them a bit of me so that every time they saw it they could smile and think about how much I love them. Continue reading