Welcome to my crafty studio

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! I finally found a bit of time to tidy up my studio so it was a great opportunity to take some pics. (It’s usually a mess as I get carried away and multitask from project to project without much time to put anything back in its place…).

I love when bloggers let me take a peek inside their studio. All the colours and lovely craft ideas are a great source of inspiration for me! Plus it’s like getting to know them a bit better, like I’ve been there with them sharing  our passion for crochet and crafts in general.

This is why I decided to invite you to my humble studio. I would love you to get to know me better and I would love to learn more about you too. Please come in and join me 🙂 

 Crochet Craft Studio Garland http://www.acraftyginger.com

This is the first time that I actually hace a bit of me-space at home and I’m really enjoying it! It’s not really a room as such, but rather a corner in the living room. The IKEA shelving units help create a separate corner and the plants and green rug let me fantasise with the idea of being outdoors…

Crochet Craft Studio Garland http://www.acraftyginger.com

It still needs quite a bit of work and I have plenty of room on the wall for other bits and pieces. The white rectangle next to the yarn basket is my sewing machine (I should’ve taken off the cover for the photo…ooops!) I’m really proud of my crochet garland. I was feeling low when I made it and working with such wonderful colours helped me lift my spirits. I suggested making more of these to decorate the rest of the house. Unfortunately my other half wasn’t too happy with the idea. He said it looked great but would rather I kept all the colour-blast in my corner… too bad! Might think about doing some vertical ones for the sides. What do you think?

Crochet Craft Studio http://www.acraftyginger.com

These are some of my latest yarn acquisitions and are quietly waiting for me to come up with a brilliant project for them. I’m a blanket addict so that was my first thought. However, I have two other WIP blankets… Any suggestions?

Crochet Craft Studio http://www.acraftyginger.com

Books and yarn!! I couldn’t ask for anything else (ok, maybe I could!)!! When can one have enough yarn/books? LOL! I also have a pic of my parents… they are back in Spain and I miss them!

Crochet Craft Studio http://www.acraftyginger.com

I try to make the best of the space I have, so every spot has a bit of me and my crafty twisted mind. The board is a great way of keeping tiny bits of work and ideas in one place. I’m loving my crochet mood blanket. It’s such an exciting project!! I used to plan all my blankets in advance and was a bit worried about not following a plan (yes! I can be a control freak!) but this time I’m experimenting with improvisation. I just decide what to do as I go along and it feels GREAT!!


Now that we are getting to know each other I feel like I should make a confession… I’m a YARNAHOLIC!! I can’t help myself…  I just enjoy the yarn shopping experience: the colours, textures, the million possibilities…

Here are my latest temptations. My friend Ana asked me to join her yarn shopping last week and, although I didn’t need anything, I couldn’t leave the shop empty handed.




Hope you enjoyed visiting my studio. See you soon!!

♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣      ♣

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